Neck Pain

Are you one of the numerous Australians whose life has been affected by neck pain or stiffness? Our Physiotherapists have a proven history of achieving the best possible patient outcomes and may offer the answer you have been searching for!

Given the increasingly sedentary lifestyles many Australians lead, spending hours sitting at a computer or watching prolonged periods of television, it comes as no surprise that about 10 % of the population suffer from neck pain at any given point in time. Such activities are contributing to an increased prevalence of poor posture, especially forward head or poked chin postures, and can lead to other debilitating conditions such as headaches, shoulder pain, jaw pain, pins and needles/numbness in the arms and hands, as well as upper back pain or carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you suffer from any of the below symptoms, we recommend you contact us for a comprehensive assessment with one of our expert therapists:

• Constant or recurrent neck ache

• Neck stiffness when turning your head

• Pain in the neck muscles

• Pins and Needles, weakness or numbness in the arms or hands

Causes and treatment of Neck Pain

Poor posture is easily the most significant contributing factor to pain in the neck, with other common causes being whiplash, stress, arthritis and sporting injuries. Thankfully, physiotherapy has proven to be very effective in treating neck pain. Upon presenting to our clinic, one of the 4 Life Physiotherapy expert therapists will take a complete history of your condition and conduct a thorough examination to identify the cause and all contributing factors to your neck pain. They will then recommend an individualized treatment plan that will restore the normal function of the neck so as to prevent reoccurrence and get you back to doing what you love. Because our therapists are specially trained in ergonomic and workplace assessment, your physio will not only provide hands on treatment and a variety of exercises to assist with your recovery, but they will advise you on the correction of any external contributing factors to your neck pain, ensuring you get the best possible outcome.

If you are tired of neck pain affecting your quality of life call 4 Life Physiotherapy to book an assessment with one of our specialist physiotherapists.