Clinical Pilates

Our Dance Medicine Australia (DMA) trained Clinical Pilates Physiotherapists utilise specialised Pilates equipment including clinical reformers, trapeze table, thoracic barrel, Pilates fitball and wobble board. Your personal Pilates program is individually tailored by a physiotherapist, based upon your personal needs. Each individual program is designed to find and fix the root cause of an injury. DMA clinical Pilates sessions (including group sessions) can be claimed through private health fund rebates.

Whilst everyone can benefit from Clinical Pilates it is the best option for:

• Management of Spinal Pain and Poor “Core” Stability and Control
• Management of Sports and Occupational Injuries
• Pregnant & Senior Clients
• Osteoporosis, Osteopenia, Osteoarthritis and other arthritic conditions
• High Performance Athletes
• Clients wanting to improve their posture, physical wellbeing and balance

Starting DMA Clinical Pilates

Your 50-minute initial Clinical Pilates consultation is undertaken with a physiotherapist who will take a full history, a postural assessment, movement analysis, flexibility and core control assessment. Following this assessment you will be taught “the basics” of Pilates principles to ensure safe and effective use of the Pilates equipment. Finally you will complete a series of Pilates exercises to show the physiotherapist your current abilities (and limitations) to enable goal setting for the Pilates sessions.

One-on-One and Two-on-One Clinical Pilates

The next phase of your Clinical Pilates journey is to complete one-on-one (or if you attend with a friend two-on-one) clinical Pilates sessions which will last for 30-minutes. You have the option to continue with one-on-one sessions ongoing or when your physiotherapist agrees you are ready, you can progress to Clinical Pilates classes.

Clinical Pilates Classes

Our clinical Pilates classes are guaranteed one person per reformer / trapeze and need to be booked in advance (either online, phone or in person). Each class is 50-minutes in duration and is overseen by our Pilates physiotherapist. Each person’s individual program is supervised and progressed as their strength, flexibility and posture improves to ensure that optimal and accelerated results are achieved.