Clinical Pilates

The Clinical Pilates concept has been developed over the last 20 years by Australian physiotherapists to incorporate the latest research in injury management and rehabilitation with the traditional Pilates approach.Drawing on the original work of Joseph Pilates the Pilates concept was refined to improve its safety and highlight the components that are most crucial in movement training and injury diagnosis and management. Low load, high repetition exercises are prescribed specifically for the individual’s injury to target specific musculature.

Benefits Include:

  • Rehabilitation of current and old injuries. Particularly back injuries, but also many shoulder, neck and lower limb injuries.
  • Decreased risk of new injuries or recurrent injuries through correction of muscle imbalances.

    • Posture
    • Efficiency of Movement
    • Trunk Control
    • Coordination and Balance
    • Flexibility and Tone
    • Muscle Balance and Strength
    • Breathing control and Relaxation
  • Improved sporting performance by training muscle in a more efficient manner.
  • Individualised programs are modified and progressed, specifically for your injury and fitness needs.
  • Suitable for people of all ages and most physical conditions.
  • Great for general fitness and conditioning

Private health fund rebates are available on Pilates sessions performed by a registered physiotherapist.

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